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Freehold Music Center Lessons



Freehold Music Center's School of Music is geared to your personal music needs. We have a flexible lesson plan to accommodate you or your family member's interests, talents, and goals.

Our teachers are dedicated to the growth and music education of beginning and advanced students.

Our instruction includes 1/2 hour weekly private lessons on piano, guitar, drums, voice, trumpet, and violin.

(732) 431-4420

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Music Instructors - click on a name to view the instructor's education and accomplishments

Joseph Natoli - guitar Daniel Vroom - brass instruments
Doug Losche - guitar George "Sonny" Prewitt - vocals/guitar
Monroe Poole - guitar Ken Nash - drums
Lola Breitweiser - piano Aaron Louie - piano
Irene Kovach - piano/violin Robinson Rivera - guitar/latin percussion/classical-jazz guitar/trumpet
Christine Matuska - piano Linda Alario - piano
Kira Dessau - piano Rob Eelman - guitar
John Christopher Spoulos - guitar/violin/sax/clarinet and more Phil Carr - piano
Eric Greenberg - guitar Helen Bungert - piano
Sandra Callaghan - piano

JA "Vee" Hryniowski - sax/clarinet/flute

Sharon Seeman - piano/clarinet/flute/cello/oboe/sax/recorder/beginner classical guitar

Raymond Bilar - guitar/banjo/bass/beginner piano

Nicole Mordarski - vocal/piano

Edward Kosarin - piano

Dan Prestup - drums


Our instruction will consist of the following:

  • Basic techniques and exercises to get you started
  • Basic rhythm (and reading) exercises
  • Basic note, chord, scale, and harmony theory
  • Proper fingering techniques for chords and scales
  • Songs selected by the student or instructor
  • Demonstrations of various essential equipment
  • Maintenance and care of your instrument
  • Improving upon technique / advanced techniques
  • Improvisation
  • Getting acquainted with and reading music books / sheet music


Freehold Music Center Lessons

Feel free to accompany your child to their lesson!

Tuition is $85 per month for 1/2 hour weekly private lessons and $170 per month for hour lessons.
Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month. A late fee charge of $15 will automatically 
be added to your account after the7th of each month.

Freehold Music must be notified 24 hours prior to class cancellation in order to reschedule a make-up class.
Make-ups are to be scheduled at a time mutually convenient for the students and the instructor. If cancellations are not made
24 hours in advance it becomes the teacher's discretion if he or she gives a make-up class. If Freehold Music must cancel a class
for any reason, that class will be made-up on the months with 5 weeks.


Freehold Music Center

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