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Freehold Music Center has the largest piano showroom in New Jersey with over 300 pianos to choose from.


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Pianos at Freehold Music Center

Pianos at Freehold Music Center

7 Keys to a Sound Investment

Choosing the right piano for sale in NJ can be confusing - making a decision to purchase without the proper information can be intimidating.  Whether your budget is modest or unlimited, the process is the same:

Look.  Listen.  Compare.  

To help, we have outlined the seven key points you should consider.

Tone.     For most people, tone is by far the most important attribute of a piano.  The only way to judge is to listen.  Play, or   have someone else play, the same short piece on every instrument you consider.

Touch.     An unresponsive keyboard will frustrate beginners and accomplished pianists alike.  One of the most important attributes of a piano is the touch of the keyboard - a good keyboard action is crucial to be able to play with expression.

Tuning Stability.     Talk to any piano technician.  Ask about the tuning stability of the various brands you are considering.  Find out what kind of piano a technician would want in their home.

Beauty.     A piano is either a grand or an upright  The choice is a mater of space, taste and budgets.  In your home, a piano becomes a beautiful piece of furniture.  Look at the luster and finish of the cabinet.  Does it invite touch?  Is it smooth?  Is the finish durable?  A piano can be as pleasing to your eye as to your ear.

Value.     Keep in mind that a good piano will last a lifetime.  Value depends on how carefully you choose and care for your piano.  Ask around - you want quality and durability.  A piano that is one of the most respected names in professional music will help ensure the lasting value of your investment.

Image.    Ask your dealer how well the manufacturer is established and if they have a reputation for quality, integrity and commitment to excellence.  What are the attitudes of music instructors, piano technicians and professional musicians toward the piano and the manufacturer? 

Life    You are about to invest in one of the most prestigious and enriching musical instruments.  You should be assured that your investment will enjoy a substantial longevity. Ask about service programs and warranties.


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Got a question? Contact a member of our sales team! Call 800-453-1001 or email us here!



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