Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Acoustic Grands

Yamaha has been creating stellar grand pianos for over 110 years. The models range from a perfect 5 foot baby grand for your living room to a 9 foot concert grand piano that is fitting for the worlds most elite stages. Freehold Music offers a large selection of Yamaha’s Classic Baby Grand Collection and the newly redesigned Conservatory Collection of Grand Pianos.

Models We Carry:

    • GB1KPE
    • GB1KPM
    • DGB1E3C
    • GC1M
    • DGC2E3S
    • GC1TAPE
    • C2X
    • C3X
    • C7X

Yamaha Acoustic Uprights

Yamaha upright pianos offer a long legacy of superior design and playability. Yamaha crafts a vertical piano for every need from beginner players to institutional pianos to the discriminating pianist who is in search of the perfect piano. Freehold Music Center is proud to have on display one of the largest collections of Yamaha Pianos in the tri-state area.

Models We Carry:

    • CN116PE
    • CN216SW
    • B1PE
    • B1PEC
    • B2PE
    • B2PEC
    • B2PM
    •  B3PE
    • P22SE
    • P22SW
    • P22DAO
    • P660QA
    • U1PE
    • U1SHTAPE
    • U3PE
    • YUS5

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha has been a leader in the digital piano market for over three decades. The “Clavinova” Yamaha’s premier digital class offers traditional digital pianos in the CLP series and ensemble pianos in the CVP series, which are way more than just a piano. Yamaha offers digital pianos from the beginner to the professional musician which provide years of maintenance free satisfaction.

Models We Carry:

    • CLP Series
    • CLP – 525
    • CLP – 535
    •  CLP – 545
    •  CLP – 565GP
    • CLP – 575
    • CLP – 585PE
    • CVP Series
    • CVP – 701B
    • CVP – 705
    • CVP – 709GP

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha has been the clear leader in the piano technologies field for the past couple of decades and now they have pioneered a new specie’s of piano, the Hybrid.  Yamaha has found a way to bring the craftsmanship and sudle nuances of an acoustic piano to the digital world with the introduction of the Avant Grand, Silent and TransAcoustic Pianos.

Models We Carry:

    • Hybrid
    • N1
    • N2
    • NU-1
    • TransAcoustic
    • U1SHTA
    • GC1TAPE
    • Silent Piano
    • U1SH
    • B2SG2
    • B3SG2