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Acoustic Guitars

Why buy an acoustic guitar online when you can come in, pick up a guitar, hear how it sounds, feel the strings and ask one of our staff any question you might have. A guitar is a personal thing and that is why we believe you should play the instrument before you purchase.

We are an authorized Acoustic Guitar dealer for Yamaha, Ibanez, Tangelwood, Alvarez, Epiphone, Breedlove, Takamine, Ovation, Stagg, Giannini, and many other brands to choose from.


 Ibanez  |   Gibson  |   Yamaha  |   Tangelwood  |   Alvarez  |   Epiphone  |   Breedlove  |  Takamine  |   Ovation  |   Stagg  |   Giannini

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are all over the spectrum these days.  Some are made for the demanding metal player who wants lighting quick action and the cleanest tone possible.  Maybe you are a blues guy and it is all about the feel and soul of the instrument.  Finally what would it sound like played through your amp?  These are just some of the reasons why you want to come on down and try out our axes.

We are an authorized dealer for Ibanez, Epiphone, ESP, Yamaha and we have a great collection of other brands to choose from.


 Ibanez  |   Epiphone  |   ESP  |   Yamaha

Bass Guitars

Do you need a four string, five string or even a six strings Bass guitar to get your funk on? We have a great selection of Bass Guitars and Bass Amps and all the accessories and strings you are going need to rock the house. With brands in stock like Ibanez, Spector, Yamaha and ESP you need to come down and give them a try or a slap or two.


 Ibanez  |   Spector  |   Yamaha  |   ESP

Drum Sets

Our Drum Department has all the drumming gear you need. We stock acoustic and electric drum sets by Tama, Yamaha, Roland, Grestch and more, come see them in person. We have cymbals by Zildjian and Sabian for you to try, hardware by Tama, Stagg and Yamaha and all the drumsticks, accessories, and hand percussion instruments instock.


 Tama  |   Stagg  |   Yamaha

PA Systems

When shopping for live sound you are going to want to hear the speakers, see the mixer and you might even have a question or two about how to hook it all up. Freehold Music Center is your public address system specialist. We stock mixers, speakers, power heads and powered speakers by Yamaha and Peavey. We also have all the cords, microphones, stands and accessories you might need.


 Yamaha |   Peavey

Effects Pedals

How could you buy an effect pedal with out listening to it? You could even bring in your ax and amp to see how it will sound through your rig. We have some of the hottest effects from Boss, Roland, Ibanez, Dunlop, Presonus, and Vox.


 Boss  |   Roland  |   Ibanez |   Dunlop |   Presonus |   Vox

Band & String Instruments

Is your elementary student starting in the school band or orchestra? Freehold Music has two great options for you to get your little Mozart ready for his first Concerto. We have a full line of string and band instrument for purchase and we also have All Band and Orchestra available for rent.