New Jersey Piano Tuning and Piano Services

yamaha cf4 voicing

Did you know a piano has over 210 strings or more, depending on the scale and just as many tuning pins?  

It costs the same to tune an upright piano, baby grand or a grand piano.

Our Technicians Tune Hundreds to Thousands of Pianos a Year.

If you have a sticking key please let us know before the tuning. 


We Tune Pianos in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Mercer County and Parts of Middlesex County & Burlington County.

In Addition to Piano Tuning we also offer piano repair services.   

Piano Action Repair

Piano Cleaning and Detailing

Piano Finish Repair

Damp Chase Installation and Maintenance

Trap Work Repair

You can book your appointment online or call us during business hours.

Or give us a Call to book Your Piano Tuning 7 Days a week

(732) 462-4730

Monday – Saturday from 11AM-6PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM

Piano Tuning Price List

Regular Piano Tuning – $165 Including Sales Tax- Piano Must be in Pitch – Tuned at least once a year 

Pitch Raise Piano Tuning – $247.50 Including Sales Tax – For Pianos that have not been tuned Yearly or for a number of Years

Service Call – $165 for a non tuning service call – This is a service call for a non piano tuning visit.  Sticking keys, Pedals not working properly, retrieval of objects inside the piano.  If job takes more than a 45 minutes additional charges may apply

Tuning + Written Appraisal – $350 – For customers looking to sell their instruments or for written insurance evaluations. Includes pictures and a detailed write-up of the piano’s condition and a standard piano tuning.  If a pitch raise is needed another fee of $65 dollars will be added.  


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