Yamaha M1A (Pre-Owned)

$4,500.00 $3,500.00

Yamaha M1A

Serial Number : D2813605

Height : 42 inches

Depth : 22 inches

Width : 58 inches

Made in Japan

Made in 1979



This is a rare find these days, a Japanese made Yamaha that is under 48 inches tall.  We have replaced the Hammer Flanges to give this piano years of worrying free playing (most older yamaha hammer flanges need to be replaced, a job that cost $100 in parts and $350 in labor).  We also leveled the keys, tweaked the action, tuned several times and performed a through cleaning.  This piano has a dark rich sound which can fill a room.  Bench is slightly marked on the top so we are including the retro piano cushion free of charge.  Come in and try this one out today!