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Welcome to the First Freehold Music Center Piano Blog Post.  We are excited to kick off this series with a video of an in store recording of “Stay as Long as You Like” the Outro from Low Cut Connie’s 2020 Award winning Album, “Private Lives.’

Adam Weiner, the leading force of Low Cut Connie, was kind enough to come into our shop and sample some of our new Yamaha Pianos.  On this video he plays the Yamaha YUS5, a top of the line 52″ tall upright that Adam names luscious.

It is easy to see why he would name the Yamaha Yus5 luscious.  This is a very sweet instrument indeed, it is Yamaha’s top of the line upright piano model.  

Crafted in Hamamatsu, Japan, by a select team of 30 of the most qualified technicians this piano is made to be upright perfection.  Hand Wound Bass strings, a middle Sostenuto pedal, Premium Spruce soundboard and a Walnut Hammer Core with CFX series felt that has been voiced for each individual instrument.

 Voiced to be versatile the YUS5’s voicing and tonal range is the perfect choice for many different Genre’s of music! 

Come in Today and try out the Yamaha YUS5! Low Cut Connie 

Yamaha YUS5 SH2

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