Yamaha Silent Pianos - SH3, SC3 and TA3

yamaha silent piano - sc3, sh3 and ta3

SILENT Piano™ are authentic acoustic pianos enhanced with Yamaha’s leading-edge silencing technology. When the keys are pressed in SILENT Mode, the hammers are stopped just before they hit the strings, preventing the piano itself from making any sound. 

Special sensors electo-magentic installed beneath the keys interpret the way the keys are pressed and pass the data to a digital tone generator that produces sampled sounds that can be heard through headphones. 

SILENT Piano™ makes it possible for players to enjoy the full acoustic piano experience, or to put on headphones and play in SILENT Mode for a truly self immersive experience.

How to Enjoy the Yamaha Silent & TransAcoustic Piano

yamaha sh3 can be played as an acoustic piano

Every Silent Piano & Trans Acoustic  is first and foremost an acoustic piano.  The Hybrid systems does not alter the touch or feel of the Piano.

yamaha silent piano being played through headphones

Play the Silent or TransAcoustic Piano with Headphones for a private performance.  You can even connect them to a speaker or PA System!

The Yamaha SC2, SH3 and TA3 connect wirelessly to your iPad via Bluetooth Midi!  Connect your piano to your computer, phone tablet and more!

Features of the Yamaha Silent and TransAcoustic Piano

silent piano Articulation sensor system

Articulation sensor system

 – New for the SH3, SC3 and TA3 Pianos. 

yamaha silent piano sh3

Grand Expression Modeling 

Yamaha SH3 silent piano features

Virtual resonance modeling

yamaha silent piano sounds

Voices of Yamaha and Bösendorfer grands.


Binaural sampling

yamaha silent piano jack

Dual Jack Action

yamaha sc3 silent piano play along

 20 Built in Rthyms

yamaha silent piano thumb drive

Record and Play

Yamaha SH3 Silent Pianos

Yamaha SC3 Silent Pianos

Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic Pianos

Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic

Yamaha TA3 Trans Acoustic Piano

The Yamaha TA3 offers all the features as the SH3 Silent System with an added Transducer System.  Yamaha’s preoperatory Piano Transducers turns your piano sound board into a speaker!

This allows you to feel the music through the instrument while playing it digitally without headphones.

The TranAcoustic is the only piano with a Transducer speaker system being produced!

Other Features of the TransAcoustic TA3 Piano
  • The Yamaha TA3 is available on certain Yamaha Acoustic Pianos and only installed in the factory.
  • Use the Yamaha TA3 TransAcoutic Piano as a Bluetooth Speaker!
  • Layer the Acoustic piano along with digital instruments through the Transducer!
  • Now available on the World Famous Yamaha U3.
  • Play the Piano through Headphones, as a regular Acoustic and through the Transducer.

Yamaha TC3 Trans Acoustic Pianos

yamaha tc3 trans acoustic piano

Yamaha TC3 Trans Acoustic Piano

The TransAcoustic is new to the Yamaha B Series – You get all of the Features of the Yamaha SC3