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Freehold Music – Pianos is a full service piano store that offers piano moving.  Monmouth County Piano Movers since 1951!

Specializing in the moving of:

  • Acoustic Baby & Grand Pianos
  • Upright Acoustic Pianos
  • Digital Pianos
  • Electric Organs and Leslie Speakers
  • Harps
  • And other large objects that require a piano movers skill.

Call (732) 462-4730 for more info 

We Deliver and Move pianos 6 days a week!  Don’t trust your prized instrument with an inexperienced moving crew!

Monmouth County Piano Movers since 1951!

Local Piano Moving Service – We move pianos in Monmouth, Mercer, Ocean and Middlesex Counties

In Home Room to Room Piano Moving Available! – Call us when you are redecorating or having floors redone!

Piano Disposals – Are you moving and need that old piano out?  We will remove it for a fee.

How to Book a Piano Move

For a Quote Please Call  (732)-462-4730

Some things to know before giving us a call.

  1. What kind of piano is it.  (Baby Grand, Grand, Upright, Studio Upright, organ, or digital piano)
  2. The pick up and drop off address.
  3. The number of stairs and landings at the locations.
  4. Where the piano is going to be placed.
  5. Any type of obstacles on the property.  (Hills, outside steps, steep driveways, elevators, off street parking)
  6. Is an Insurance Rider Required for your location?  Just let us know we will be happy to provide one.
  7. Any other special requirements or questions.

size chart of types of pianos for piano moving purposes

Piano Size Chart

In Order to Give you an accurate quote and to be sure the piano will be navigable over any obstacles we need to know the depth of a grand or the height of an upright piano.  Please reference the Size Chart Above. 


a diagram of the different types of stair wells for piano moving

Please let us know what type of stair case you have and the number of stairs and landings.  


NJ Piano Movers – Piano Movers Near Me

Piano Moving Service Area 

  • Monmouth County Piano Movers
  • Ocean County Piano Movers
  • Mercer County Piano Movers
  • Burlington County Piano Movers 
  • Middlesex County Piano Movers 
  • Jersey Shore Piano Movers 
  • Central NJ Piano Movers

 Our Truck is based out of  Freehold, New Jersey!   

We do not do out of state moves. 

New Jersey Piano Moving only! – Central NJ Piano Movers 

Piano Transport – Cross Country Moves

If your pianos final destination is outside of New Jersey.   Freehold Music can help you arrange to have your piano moved via a specialized long haul piano mover.

Long Haul Movers we work with :

MMS Piano Moving – The Northeast and Beyond…Door to Door 

Keyboard Carriage – Nation Wide piano and motorcycle transporter

Modern Piano Moving – Door to Door Long Haul Piano Moving  

Walter Piano Transport – Long Distance Piano Moving and Storage 

Moving a Piano and Piano Tuning

When a piano is moved there is a chance it will lose some of its fine tuning.  The soundboard and bridge will adjust to its new environment.  Making the piano go out of tune, it should be tuned 3-6 weeks after moving.   It is generally advised to have your piano tuned twice a year to ensure proper tone.  

Sometimes a pianos action (Keys, Hammers and Jacks) will have a hard time adjusting to its new environment.  Often this is from the change in relative humidity.  If the problem persists after 4 weeks from moving it is advised to have a technician ease the key.

To schedule an Appointment for a piano tuning please contact us

New Jersey Piano Movers 

Monmouth County Piano Movers – Ocean County Piano Movers – Mercer County Piano Movers – Central NJ Piano Movers 

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