Piano Moving

New Jersey Piano Moving

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We are happy to move your grand piano, upright piano, digital piano, organ, harps or other large objects that require a piano movers skill. We are NJ piano Movers! We are Monmouth County’s Piano Movers!

In order to obtain a quote for a move job please call (732)-462-4730. When calling about a piano move, some information is necessary to have on hand.

  1. What kind of piano is it.  (Baby Grand 4’5-5’11, Grand 6-7’6, Upright, Studio Upright 48″-60″, organ, digital)
  2. The pick up and drop off address.
  3. The number of stairs and landings at the locations.
  4. Where the piano is going to be placed.
  5. Any type of obstacles on the property.  (Hills, outside steps, steep driveways, elevators, off street parking)
  6. Is an Insurance Rider Required for your location?  Just let us know we will be happy to provide one.
  7. Any other special requirements or questions.

NJ Piano Movers – Service Area

Weekly Service Area 

-We are in these counties all the time!

  • Monmouth County Piano Movers
  • Ocean County Piano Movers
  • Mercer County Piano Movers
  • Burlington County Piano Movers 
  • Middlesex County Piano Movers 
  • Jersey Shore Piano Movers 

We service all of New Jersey, mostly Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex and Ocean Counties.  We are located in Freehold, New Jersey and move pianos weekly from Princeton to the Jersey Shore. We are NJ Piano Movers

Piano Transport – Cross Country Moves

If your pianos final destination is in Florida, California or any were in between the continuous United States we can help you arrange to have your piano moved via a specialized long haul piano mover.  Since a tractor trailer cannot come directly to your house, we pick up your instrument and our piano carrier transports it to another piano mover to be delivered to it’s final destination.

Moving and piano tuning

When a piano is moved there is a chance it will lose some of its fine tuning.  After a piano is in its new location the sound board and bridge will adjust to it’s new environment.  This will make the piano in need of a tuning after a 2-6 week period.  It is generally advised to have your piano tuned twice a year to ensure proper tone.  Sometimes a pianos action (Keys, Hammers and such) will have a hard time adjusting to its new environment.  This will result in sticking keys, double hitting notes, wood block sounding notes, and sluggish keys.  This is a result of change in environment, pianos are very sensitive to humidity.  If the problem does persist after two weeks from moving it is advised to have a technician ease the key.