Yamaha Upright Pianos

Yamaha Upright Acoustic Piano in a room

Yamaha is proud to the World’s top producer of finer Acoustic Pianos by both volume and quality.  Featuring a wide range of upright piano models Yamaha crafts Acoustic upright pianos for beginners all the way to accomplished piano maestros.  

B Series - Yamaha Upright Piano

The Yamaha B Series offers 3 different models to choose from.  Ranging in size from 43 to 48 inches the B Series offers a piano for just about every skill level.

Choose between 4 different finish options and you can even get the Yamaha SC2 Silent Piano factory installed to any B series Piano!  

Perfect Yamaha Vertical Piano for Beginners, Students, Hobbyist and more.

  • Yamaha b3 polished ebony chrome 48" upright
  • yamaha b1 polished ebony 43 inch upright piano

Gallery Series and P Series - Yamaha Upright Piano

The P22 Has been a Yamaha Staple for over 3 decades. Choose from 3 different finishes in the Traditional P22 style or 2 different designer cabinet designs to grace your home.  Yamaha also offers the M-560H in a slightly smaller cabinet at a great price. 

  • Yamaha p22 d in satin ebony
  • Yamaha M560H 44" upright Piano
  • Yamaha P660 Sheraton 45" upright piano
  • Yamaha p660 qa 45" upright
  • Yamaha P22 satin ebony

U Series - Yamaha Professional Vertical Piano

The Yamaha U Series features the best selling piano of all time, The Yamaha U1.  The U series are constructed in Japan at Yamaha’s Hamamatsu Factory.   

Musicians from around the World Choose the Yamaha U Series Upright Pianos and is an excellent first or last piano.  

Available in a variety of finishes and with 3 different factory installed technology options.

  • Yamaha U3 52" in polished ebony
  • Yamaha U1 pe 48" upright piano

YUS Series - New Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS Series is a Traditional U series Piano Frame that has had the Action, Hammers and Action Regulation.

Featuring a blackened keyboard hardware and European Styling.  The YUS Series is the pinnacle of the upright piano. 

  • Yamaha YUS1 polished Ebony 48" Upright
  • YAmaha YUS3 52inch professional upright in polished ebony
  • yamaha yus5 52 in premium upright piano

Looking for a Yamaha Upright Piano With Technology?

New Yamaha Upright Piano Chart – Models By Height and Technology Options 
 43″ inches tall44″ inches tall45″ inches tall48″ inches tall52″ Inches Tall
Made in
b1 b2b3 
b1 SC3 b2 SC3b3 SC3 
b1 TC3 P22d  
  P22d SC3  
Made in

P660 S

P660 QA

Made in
   U1 SH3U3 SH3
SC3 = Yamaha SC2 Silent PianoTA2 = Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano 
SH3 = Yamaha SH2 Silent PianoD_ _EN ST = Disklavier Enspire ST Player Piano

The Construction of a Yamaha Upright Piano

Aluminum Alloy Action Rail

One of Yamaha’s biggest innovations for the piano action has been the Aluminum Alloy Action Rail.  The Action rail is the foundation of the piano action.  88 individual hammer flanges are attached to this rail, previous wooden models from other makers would be susceptible to humidity and warping.

Japanese Made Soundboards & Ribs

The essence of the Piano is created at Yamaha’s Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan.  The Spruce is selected by seasoned professionals, only the best grades are allocated to the construction of the Piano Ribs and Soundboards.  The Ribs and Soundboard is what amplifies the sound from the strings via the Bridge, thus the reason on why Yamaha Dedicates such great care to this crucial component of the piano.  

Yamaha V-Pro Plate 

Yamaha was the first of many piano companies to shift away for the traditional sand cast method which results in a high plate failure rate during the uncasting phase.  This results in a poorer overall mix of metal since the cracked plate is reheated in the crucible and made into another plate. 
With Yamaha’s method the plate is poured into an airtight mold and the excess molten metal is sucked out.  This results in a less than .05% failure rate and allows precise controls for plate thickness and weight which is part of the reason of Yamaha’s superior tone.
The V-Pro Full Perimeter Plate is produced at Yamaha’s Foundry in  Iwata Forge in Japan.


A Solid Seasoned Foundation 

The back posts are an integral part of the pianos construction, it is the foundation for the plate and is a conduit of resonance and sustain.  The Back Posts are attached to the back beam which houses the  pinblock and the bottom beam which is attached to the bottom of the pianos harp or plate. 

Yamaha has mastered the Art of Seasoning Wood.  Years of proprietary research and design has created a scientific wood drying process that maintains the integrity, shape, strength and resonance for decades.  All of Yamaha’s woods go through the Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan,  



Unique Hammers for Every Model 

The height of an upright or the depth of a grand piano and the metal harp inside determines the scaling of the instrument.  Some upright models have more cooper wound bass strings with the hammer hitting one to two stings at once, other’s have more tri chord steel strings which the single hammer strikes 3 individual strings at once.  

Due to the complexity of the scaling and the differences in sting height and width Yamaha produces a unique set of hammers for each individual piano model.  This customized approach allows for greater control of tone, response and durability for a life time of enjoyment from your instrument.



Bass Strings – Hand wound in House

In Yamaha’s factory in Kakegawa, Japan, coil winders wind pure cooper over a steel string core to create a custom bass strings for every Yamaha piano.  A piano string is not like other instruments in which the musician will have to switch out and can choose from different sizes or gauges.  Each string is made to exacting specializations with variances in size, tension and wounding in order to produce the desired tone and timbre.




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Yamaha produces a number of different upright models to complement every musicians needs and wants.

Link to Yamaha Corporate Upright Piano Page

Every Yamaha Upright Features

  • 88 Piano Keys 
  • 10 Year Yamaha warranty
  • V-Pro Plate
  • Matching Bench
  • Yamaha produced parts
  • Full Perimeter Plate
  • Solid Wood Back Posts
  • Beautifully designed cabinets
  •  Soft Pedal,  Mute pedal and Sustain Pedal
  • Seasoned for Destination 
  • Top support for lid