Yamaha Upright Pianos

Yamaha is proud to the World’s top producer of finer Acoustic Pianos by both volume and quality.  Featuring a wide range of upright piano models Yamaha crafts Acoustic upright pianos for beginners all the way to accomplished piano maestros.  

B Series - Yamaha Upright Piano

The Yamaha B Series offers 3 different models to choose from.  Ranging in size from 43 to 48 inches the B Series offers a piano for just about every skill level.

Choose between 4 different finish options and you can even get the Yamaha SC2 Silent Piano factory installed to any B series Piano!  

Gallery Series and P Series - Yamaha Upright Piano

The P22 Has been a Yamaha Staple for over 3 decades. Choose from 3 different finishes in the Traditional P22 style or 2 different designer cabinet designs to grace your home.  Yamaha also offers the M-560H in a slightly smaller cabinet at a great price. 

U Series - Yamaha Upright Piano

The Yamaha U Series features the best selling piano of all time, The Yamaha U1.  The U series are constructed in Japan at Yamaha’s Hamamatsu Factory.   The Yamaha U1 and U3 are played by musicians the world over and is an excellent first or last piano.  Come in today to Check out our beautiful selection of Yamaha U1 and U3 Upright Piano.   Available in a variety of finishes and with multiple factory installed technology options.

YUS Series - Yamaha Vertical Piano

The Yamaha YUS Series is a Traditional U series Piano Frame that has had the Action, Hammers, and Piano Wire Upgraded to create a piano for the demanding player.   Featuring a blackened keyboard hardware and European Styling.  The YUS5 Also Features a Sostenuto Piano Pedal System, Just like a Grand Piano.   One can get this series with factory added technology or as a traditional Acoustic Piano.  

Looking for a New Yamaha Piano With Technology?

Yamaha Upright Piano Chart – Models By Height and Technology Options 
 43″ inches tall44″ inches tall45″ inches tall48″ inches tall52″ Inches Tall
Made in
b1 b2  
b1 SC2 b2 SC2  
  P22d SC2b3 SC2 
Made in
 M560HP660 H
P660 QA
Made in
   U1 SH2U3 SH2
SC2 = Yamaha SC2 Silent PianoTA2 = Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano 
SH2 = Yamaha SH2 Silent PianoD_ _EN ST = Disklavier Enspire ST Player Piano

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Yamaha produces a number of different upright models to complement every musicians needs and wants. Link to Yamaha Corporate Upright Piano Page

Every Yamaha Upright Features

  • 10 Year Yamaha warranty
  • V-Pro Plate
  • Matching Bench
  • Yamaha produced parts
  • Full Perimeter Plate
  • Solid Wood Back Posts
  • Beautifully designed cabinets
  • Every Models features a soft and damper pedal
  • Every Models features a practice mute
  • Top support for lid