Yamaha B1 SC3 Silent Piano

Yamaha B1 SC3 Silent Piano

  • First & Foremost an Acoustic Piano
  • New CFX / Bösendorfer Concert Grand Piano Samples
  • Built in BlueTooth Midi/ Audio
  • 2 Wired Headphone Inputs
  • Connects to your phone / tablet / computer
  • Record your Performances
Yamaha B1 SC3 Silent Piano  List Prices
B1 SC3 PE Polished Ebony $10,099
B1 SC3 PEC Polished Ebony Chrome $10,199
B1 SC3 PWH Polished White (Brass Pedals) $10,199
* B1 SC3 List Prices Subject to Change

Yamaha B1SC3 Silent Piano

The Yamaha B1SC3 is an acoustic piano with a factory installed SC3 Silent Piano System.

The Silent Bar Replaces the Middle Practice Mute, an interface is on the keybed underneath the bass strings and you will have to plug your piano into an electrical outlet.

These small additions opens up a traditional Acoustic Piano into an instrument with Unlimited Potential!

Connect your piano to your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, keyboard, studio monitors and More!

Yamaha SC3 Silent Piano Control Panel






Yamaha B1 Piano Specs and Info


The Yamaha B1 is the first acoustic upright piano produced by Yamaha.  This instruments features an 88 note acoustic action with the same size keytops as a 9 foot Yamaha Grand Piano.

The sound Board and Ribs are produced by Yamaha and feature Premium tonal woods and Spruce for the Sounding Board.

A Yamaha V-Pro Vacuum Casted Plate or “Harp” enhances tuning stability and is complemented by Yamaha’s back post which undergo Yamaha’s top of the line wood drying process.

The Bass strings are hand wounded and individually scaled for each Yamaha B series.

To complement the Premium parts every b Series Upright Piano Features a unique hammer design for each Particular scale.


Yamaha b1 Acoustic Piano Dimensions
Height 43″ 109 cm
Width 59″ 149 cm
Depth 21″ 54 cm
Weight 384 lbs 174 kg

Yamaha SC3 Silent Piano Features


The Articulation System

Yamaha SC3 and SH3 Silent System Sensor

The 88 note Keyboard Features a newly designed non contact electro magnetic articulation sensor system.

This systems measures the key travel speed, timing and release to mimic what the hammer would of been doing if it hit the string instead of the silent bar.

The Keys Feature a Continuous detection electromagnetic inductive system.

The Sustain or Damper Pedal feature a Continuous detection optical sensor and the Left pedal or Soft Pedal has an On/Off Optical Sensor.

The Mute Rail

Yamaha SC3 and SH3 Silent Piano Mute Bar for Upright Pianos
Yamaha SC3 and SH3 Silent Piano Mute Bar for Upright Pianos

On a regular acoustic upright piano the middle pedal is usually a mute pedal.  This brings a piece of felt between the hammers and the strings and lowers the keys velocity thus “muting the sound”.

The Yamaha Silent Upright Pianos has the Mute Rail Catching the hammer before it hits the string to prevent unwanted sound and to give the musician the feel of an acoustic piano.

This is only done in the factory to ensure proper feel, proper installation and to guarantee product longevity.


The Voices

Yamaha Silent Piano Samples

The Yamaha SC3 Silent System features 10 Built in Voices.

The First 2 Piano voices are the Yamaha CFX &  the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano.  These pianos feature a Binaural Sample which when wearing headphones immerses the piano player in as if they were in front of the acoustic piano that was sampled.

Yamaha SC3 Voice List 

  1. Yamaha CFX Concert Grand – Binaural Sample
  2. Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano – Binaural Sample
  3. Upright Piano
  4. Stage Electric Piano – “Fender Rhodes”
  5. DX Electric Piano
  6. Vintage Electric Piano
  7. Harpsichord 8″
  8. Celesta
  9. Organ Principal
  10. Jazz Organ
  11. Strings
  12. Synth Pad

The Connectivity

Yamaha SC3 Silent Piano Connections








With the Yamaha SC3 Silent System on can connect a number of different devices and instruments.

For Wired Devices:

2 x mini stereo head phone jacks

1 x Usb B – used to hook up to a computer or other midi instrument – sends midi and audio data

1 X USB to Device – To record on a USB Thumb Drive or play back midi or audio files

For Bluetooth Devices:

Bluetooth Audio – Send music to the Silent Piano to Play along With your Favorite Tracks

Bluetooth Midi – Connect your IPad, Computer or 2 other Midi Devices

The Built in Rhythms

Rhythm tracks








Play along with 20 different Rhythm Drum and Bass Tracks that follow what key you are in!