Yamaha C5x SH3 Silent Piano

Yamaha C5x SH3 Silent Piano

  • First and Foremost an acoustic piano
  • Can be played digitally with headphones
  • Professional Level Inputs and Outputs
  • Bluetooth Audio and Midi
  • Factory Installed Only
  • Made in Japan


Yamaha C5x SH3 MSRP Prices
C5x SH3 PE Polished Ebony $72,299
C5x SH3 SE Satin Ebony $72,299
C5x SH3 WH Polished White $86,999
C5x SH3 PM Polished Mahogany $86,699
C5x SH3 AW Satin Walnut $86,699

Yamaha C5x SH3 Dimensions
Length 6′ 7″ (200 cm)
Width 59″ (149 cm)
Height 40″ (101 cm)
Weight 789 lbs. (359 kg.)


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Product Description

Yamaha C5x SH3 Silent Piano

Newly Developed Articulation Sensor System

yamaha gc1sh3 silent piano






This newly developed Articulation Sensor System accurately and wirelessly interprets the musicians keystrokes to reproduce the music as if they were playing an acoustic instrument.

Yamaha’s new proprietary algorithm delivers precision simulations in the pianist dynamic range, producing a digital tone as if the player was on an acoustic instrument.

Quick Escapement System

quick escapement double jack for yamaha silent baby grand and grand pianos






The Quick Escapement Jack is on every Yamaha Sh3 & TA3 Baby Grand and Grand Piano.

This special Double Jack allows the hammer to feel like it is being thrown right when the silent bar is activated.

When the Silent bar is not activated the piano uses the first ridge in the Jack for normal play.

Yamaha Smart Pianist App

yamaha smart pianist app with silent piano








Yamaha SILENT pianos are equipped with Bluetooth® MIDI. Download the Smart Pianist app on your smart device and connect wirelessly to your SILENT Piano™ to enjoy simple, intuitive control of your instrument’s features.

You can connect to a number of different apps through Wireless Midi.

Grand Expression Modeling

yamaha silent piano grand expression modeling chart

Grand Expression Modelling is a new feature that faithfully reproduces the tonal variation.  Originating from the inner workings of the piano, such as the way the hammers strike and the dampers contact the strings in response to the player’s touch.

This feature detects the force and acceleration of the keystrokes and changes the audio output accordingly in real time, providing the player with the ability to explore subtle tonal nuances.

Virtual Resonance Modeling






One of the great allures of the grand piano is the sympathetic resonance created by the vibration of the entire instrument.

Yamaha’s further advanced Virtual Resonance Modeling technology elaborately reproduces this rich sympathetic resonance*.

This technology makes it possible to create richly varied tones by adding sympathetic tones that correspond to the timing and intensity of keystrokes and pedaling.

Virtual Resonance Modeling replicates the sounds of the dampers make when they are lifted off the strings, along with the resonance of the aliquot stringing, strings, soundboard, and case.

Experience the deep, dynamic resonance that originates from the case of the piano.


New Premium Piano Samples







Introducing two newly sampled concert grand piano voices from Yamaha and Bösendorfer, both popular choices in concert halls around the world.

First is the CFX, Yamaha’s flagship concert grand piano, which has earned high acclaim among the world’s most renowned pianists for its robust, resplendent, richly expressive tone.

Second is the Imperial from Bösendorfer, a time-honored Viennese piano brand with a passionate following.

The Imperial Grand is known for its abundance of color and natural, warm feeling.

Yamaha faithfully reproduces the unique characteristics of these concert grand pianos by carefully recording the entire tonal range of each of the 88 keys.  Making minute adjustments to capture the most harmonious tones each piano has to offer.

These two world-renowned concert grand pianos are joined by a long list of other voices, including Electric Piano, Harpsichord, and Organ.


Bianural Sampling  – CFX & Bösendorfer






Binaural sampling creates the ambience and full, natural resonance of acoustic pianos*, making pianists feel as though they are sitting at a grand piano.

Binaural sampling is a method of sampling in which special microphones are placed in a mannequin’s head.

The microphones are in the same positions as the pianist’s ears to capture piano sounds the way that they are experienced in reality.

Sounds based on binaural sampling deliver an experience so natural that pianists forget they are wearing headphones.

Binaural sampling was used for the Bösendorfer Imperial as well as the Yamaha CFX.


20 Built in Rhythms







Equipped with 20 different rhythm types that provide automatic accompaniment with percussion and bass.  Set the Tempo, The Bass changes to the Key you are playing in.

Features an optional and Intro and Ending for each Rhythm. Can Turn Bass Accompaniment On and Off.

Also Features a Metronome from 5-500 with different time signatures.



Two Recording Functions






Built-in recording function for checking immediately after playing]

Equipped with a built-in recording function for recording at the touch of a button.

[USB flash drive recording to data for computer playback]

A function for recording to a USB flash drive. This function creates audio files that can be saved or played back on computers or burned onto CDs. Recordings are saved in WAV format.


Voice Number Voice Name Description Touch
Key Off
Regular Acoustic Piano When System Not Activated
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Acoustic Piano Sounds
PF1 PF1 CFX Grand The CFX concert grand piano from Yamaha offers a remarkable sound quality, boasting a wide dynamic range
that allows for unparalleled expressive control. This makes it a suitable choice for musicians of all genres and styles.
* * *
CFX Grand
(Head Phones)
Experience the incredible sound of Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano, captured through their advanced Binaural Sampling technique.
Specifically designed for headphone use, this method allows you to feel completely immersed in the music, as if the sound is truly coming from the piano itself.
* * *
PF2 PF2 Bösendorfer The illustrious sound of the Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano, crafted in Vienna, is renowned for its exceptional quality.
The warm and expansive tones evoke the grandeur of the instrument, making it the perfect choice for conveying tender emotions in musical compositions.
* * *
(Head Phones)
Experience the legendary sound of the Vienna-made Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano with the revolutionary Binaural Sampling technique, specially designed for headphone use.
Immerse yourself in the rich tone of this iconic instrument, as if you were sitting right in front of it.
* * *
PF3 Pop Grand A vibrant and lively grand piano tone, perfect for contemporary genres. – Comparable to a Yamaha C7x 7’6 Semi Concert Grand * * *
PF4 Ballad Grand A grand piano tone with a beautifully soft and warm tone, perfect for playing ballads and classical pieces. – Comparable to a Yamaha S7x Semi Concert Grand * * *
PF5 PF3 Yamaha
SU7 Upright
Experience the rich sound of the Yamaha SU7 upright piano through high-quality sampling. Revel in its distinct tonal quality and effortless playability for a more relaxed and intimate performance. * *
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Forte Pianos – Early Piano Sounds from the 18th & 19th Century
FP 1 Scarlatti Piano The exquisite sound of a piano crafted by a renowned musical instrument maker from Florence during the early 18th century. This maker gained fame for inventing the piano.
It is a widely accepted belief that Scarlatti favored the piano crafted by this particular maker. The resulting sound is characterized by its vibrant and dazzling qualities.
* * *
FP 2 Mozart Piano The sound of a piano crafted by a renowned instrument maker in Vienna during the late 18th century. Esteemed composers such as Mozart and Beethoven were known to favor and praise the pianos created by this manufacturer.
The distinct tone of these pianos is characterized by its clarity and delicate quality, making it a joy to listen and play.
* *
FP 3 Beethoven
The sound of a piano crafted by a renowned manufacturer in London during the early 19th century. This manufacturer’s pianos served as the inspiration for masterpieces composed by the likes of Haydn and Beethoven.
With a deep and resonant bass, shimmering high notes, and a powerful fortissimo, this piano truly stood out among its peers of the time.
* * *
FP 4 Chopin Piano The exquisite sound of a 19th century Parisian piano, crafted by a skilled manufacturer, evoked deep admiration from the renowned composer, Chopin.
Its keys, ever-responsive to his delicate touch, produced a musical tone akin to that of a beautiful singing voice – at times rich and alluring, and at other times, melancholic and sorrowful.
* *
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Electric Pianos from the 1960’s – 1990’s
EP1 EP1 Stage E.Piano The electric piano produces a distinct sound with its hammer-struck metallic “tines.” When played gently, it emits a soft and soothing tone, while a forceful touch produces a more intense and aggressive sound.  Warm, Creamy, Saucy Sound * *
EP2 EP2 DX E.Piano An FM synthesizer with a contemporary electronic piano sound. The tone adapts to your playing touch, making it perfect for popular music.” *
EP3 EP3 Vintage EP The electric piano produces a distinct sound, created by the striking of metal reeds with hammers. This instrument is commonly utilized in both rock and popular music genres. * *
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Harpsichord & Acoustic Keyboards
HS1 HS1 Harpsichord 8′ The harpsichord is a commonly used instrument in baroque music, known for its distinct sound. Unlike other instruments, variations in playing touch do not affect its volume, but rather create a unique sound when the key is released. * *
HS2 Harpsichord 8′ + 4′ An enhanced harpsichord with an additional upper octave produces a richer and more vibrant sound. * *
HS3 Vibraphone The Vibraphone has a beautiful and expansive tone, providing a spacious and crystal-clear sound. By pressing the left pedal, the Vibrato can be easily switched on or off. * *
HS4 HS2 Celesta The celesta, a unique percussion instrument producing sound through hammers striking metallic bars, is most famously recognized for its enchanting role in Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar-plum Fairies” from the beloved “Nutcracker Suite.” * *
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Organ
OR1 OR1 Organ Principal The Voice combines the pipes of a principal (brass instrument) organ, consisting of 8′, 4′, and 2′ pipes. It is perfectly suited for Baroque church music. *
OR2 Organ Tutti This Voice boasts a complete set of couplers from a pipe organ, renowned for its distinctive sound famously featured in Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue”. *
OR3 OR2 Jazz Organ The electric tone wheel organ is a commonly used instrument in jazz and rock genres. Its distinct sound is often heard in these musical styles. By pressing the left pedal, the Rotary Speaker effect can be switched between a slow and fast speed.
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Pad – Keyboard Layering sounds with the Acoustic Piano
Pd1 PD1 Strings Multiple Stings Instruments with a slow attack * *
Pd2 Choir A big, spacious choir Voice. Perfect for creating rich harmonies – not well suited for fast pieces * *
PD3 PD2 Synth Pad Warm and mellow Synth Sound commonly used in 1980-1990s music *
TA3/SH3 TC3/SC3 Layer – Digital Piano + Pad Sound
LY1 Piano + Strings Combination of piano and strings ensemble Voices, giving you a richly textured sound as if you were playing the piano with a string orchestral accompaniment * * *
LY2 Piano + Pad Combination of piano and Synth Pad Voices. – I love the 80’s * * *
LY3 Piano +
DX E.Piano
Combination of piano and DX E. Piano Voices. – Think Phil Collins * * *
Yamaha TA3, SH3 and SC3 Spec Sheet TA3 SH3 SC3
Upright Mechanism Hammer Shank Stopper
Operated by Middle Pedal
(YUS5 TA3, SH3 Silencing Lever)
Grand Mechanism Motor Driven – (GB1kSC3 – Silencing Lever)
Action (Only for Grands) Quick Escape Double Jack
Mechanism Trans Acoustic Technology
Transducer Exclusively for TA3
Keyboard Touch Response Soft, Soft/Medium, Medium, Medium/Hard, Hard, Fixed
Upright Pedals – Acoustic Soft, Silencing, Sustain
YUS5 – Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain
Baby Grand& Grand Pedals – Acoustic Una Corda, Sostenuto, Sustain
GB1k – Una Corda, Bass Sustain, Sustain
Display Type 7 Segment LED
Panel Language   English
System Articulation Sensor System
Key Sensors Non-Contact Continuous Detection
Electromagnetic Inductive Type
Hammer Sensors
(Baby & Grand Pianos Only)
Non – Contact 2 Point
Optical Fiber Type
Left (Soft) Pedal On / Off Detection Sensor
Sostenuto Pedal ON / Off Detection Sensor
Sustain Pedal Continuous Detection Sensor
Voices Tone
Piano Sound Yamaha CFX, Bosendorfer Imperial
– New Samples for 2023 –
Binaural Sampling For CFX and Bosendorfer W/ Headphones only
Virtual Resonance Modeling
Grand Expression Modeling YES
Key- Off Samples YES
Smooth Relase YES
Polyphony (MAX) 256
Preset Number of Voices 25 (Piano 5 + FortePiano 4 + Others 16) 12 (Piano 3 +
Others 9)
Voices for MIDI Song Playback 480 XG Voices + 12 Drum/SFX Kits
Effects Types Reverb 6 Types & Off
Brilliance 5 Types
Intelligent Audio Control
Yes for All Instruments except CFX and Bosendorfer
Preset # of Preset Songs 25 Voice Demo Songs
50 Classics
12 Voice Demo
Songs, 50 Classics
Number of Songs 10
Data Capacity approx. 500 KB / SONG
Format Playback SMF (Format 0, Format 1)
Recording SMF (Format 0 )
Recording Time (Max.) 80 Minutes / Song
Format Playback WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo
Recording WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo
Hybrid Class TA3 SH3 SC3
Functions Rhythms Number of Rhythms 20
Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 500
Transpose – 12 – 0 – + 12
Tuning 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz ( adj in .2Hz Increments)
USB Audio Interface 44.1 kHz, 24 bit, Stereo
Bluetooth Audio Supported Profile A2DP
Compatible Profile SBC
MIDI Comply with Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification
BlueTooth Version 4.2
Wireless Output Bluetooth Class 2
Max. Communication Distance Up to 10 meters
Radio Frequency  (Operational Frequency) 2402 – 2480 MHz
Max. Output Power EIRP 4dBm
Type of Modulation FHSS
Storage Internal Memory Approx 1.3 MB
External Drives USB Flash Drive – BELOW 50 GB BEST
Connectivity DC IN 24 V 16 V
Headphones Stereo Mini Jack x 2 – Wired Headphones Only
MIDI IN, OUT USB to Host  /
Bluetooth Midi
AUX IN Stereo Mini Jack USB to HOST /
Bluetooth Audio
AUX OUT Stereo or Mono 1/4 instrument
Head Phones & Head Phones Hanger Included YES
Bench with Storage Included YES
50 Greatest Hits Song Book Included YES NO
Owners Manual Included YES
Power Chord Model – Included w/ piano PA-500 – DC 24 Volts, 2.5A PA-300C DC 16V, 2.4A
Separately Sold Accessories USB WIRELESS LAN ADAPTER – (UD-WL01)