Yamaha GB1K FP – French Provincial – New – 5’0″

Yamaha GB1K FP French Provincial

Length 5′ 0″ (151 cm)
Width 57″ (146 cm)
Height 39″ (99 cm)
Weight 574 lbs. (261 kg.)

A beautiful Designer Cabinet Baby Grand By Yamaha!

Yamaha GB1K MSRP Prices
GB1K PE Polished Ebony $15,999
GB1K PAW Polished Walnut $18,599
GB1K PM Polished Mahogany $18,599
GB1K WH Polished White $18,599
GB1K G Georgian $19,799
GB1K FP French Provincial $20,799
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Yamaha Gb1k French Provincial

This stunning piano is only Available in the Yamaha Gb1k 5′ FP piano model.  Featuring a classic design in subtle details, this piano will add a distinguished sense of style with out being over the top.  A beautiful satin dark cherry rubbed finish, French Provincial legs and a matching Pedal Lyre will bring style and grace into any Classically designed home.  If you are looking for that functional center piece to complete your living room, lobby, library or more you have found it!

The GB1k FP is a great baby grand for any level of piano player.  We love how this piano reacts to your touch, the Designer Cabinet Baby Grand look, and the wonderful sound.  Come in today and try out this wonderful instrument.  We have the only one on display in the State of New Jersey!



The Yamaha GB1K FP French Provincial is the first model baby grand made by Yamaha. This is an excellent piano for the home, studio or anywhere a baby grand piano is needed and space is limited.  This instrument features a beautiful hand rubbed satin mahogany finish.


Designer Cabinet Baby Grand
*Advanced Scale Design
*Solid maple bridges and caps
*Solid spruce soundboard and ribs
*Hardwood reinforced keyframe
*Una Cords, Bass Sustain, damper pedals
*Solid cooper wound bass strings
*Hard Maple Bridges
*Aluminum alloy action rails
*Yamaha balanced action
*Spruce Keys with Hardwood buttons
*Grand Piano Key Travel
*Cut thread tuning pins
*Yamaha designed hammers with T-Fastners
*Reinforced Keyframe Piano with Adjustable Guide
*Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
*Seasoned for Destination
*Comes with matching bench
*Polyester finish
*Resin sheet foundation
*Solid brass casters

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