Yamaha Nu1XA Hybrid Piano


Yamaha Nu1XA Hybrid Piano

Featuring a real acoustic upright piano action with a digital sound source, the Yamaha Nu1xa Hybrid Piano features the best of both worlds.

This blend gives the piano owner a responsive piano feel with no need for a piano tuner!

  • 28 different on board instruments
  • New User Interface
  • New Streamlined Design
  • Bluetooth Midi and Audio
  • New Speaker System
  • Binaural  Sampling Technology


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Yamaha Nu1XA Hybrid Description

Yamaha Nu1xa Hybrid Piano

Introducing the New and Improved Yamaha NU1XA Digital Piano.  This is the third generation of the Nu1 with some new and exciting features.



Yamaha nu1xa upright piano action



















The NU1XA boasts new Electromagnetic Articulation Sensor System, designed to capture even the most delicate performance nuances of the pianist. Utilizing non-contact electromagnetic sensors and our exclusive algorithm, this system accurately and continuously records every subtle movement of the fingers.

Each key is equipped with two sensors: one for the hammer, the key element of the acoustic piano sound mechanism, and another for the key itself. This allows for precise measurement of finger release and captures the unique nuances when the sound ceases, resulting in a complete and nuanced expression of the player’s performance.

New Sound System

Yamaha Nu1xa Upward Facing Woofer

The Yamaha NU1xa Hybrid Piano now Features 2 Upward Facing Woofers Located Directly Under the Piano Key Bed.

The new speaker placement of the 2 woofers work in concert with the 2 newly redesigned Tweeters to give the piano player

a three dimensional sound experience .  Hearing is Believing come in today and try out this great speaker configuration!


GrandTouch Pedals – New

Grandtouch pedals


















Pianists utilize the damper pedal to infuse their own subtle nuances into the tone and sound of their performance by depressing on the Sustain pedal at different depths .

The GrandTouch™ Pedals expertly mimic this precise experience, utilizing a mechanism akin to that of a grand piano.

With the GrandTouch Pedals with the GP Response Damper  at your disposal, you’ll revel in a truly expressive and dynamic performance each time you play.


Touch Sensitive Control Panel  – New

Yamaha Nu1xa Control Panel












Featuring Yamaha’s newly introduced Control Panel.  This touch sensitive glass interface will illuminate when pressed and when not in use it turns off to be more ascetically pleasing.

The Yamaha Nu1xa Hybrid Piano looks and feels like an acoustic piano.


Yamaha Nu1xa Owners Manual 

Yamaha Nu1xa Warranty 


Vendor Yamaha

Audio Receiving and App Connectivity

Built In Speakers




Included From Manufacturer

Piano Bench

Keys Weighted

Hammer Weighted

Key Cover


Number of Keys




Piano Cabinet Style


Accompaniments No
Duet Mode No
Finish Polished Ebony
Half-Damper Support Yes
Audio Inputs AUX IN: Stereo Mini
Audio Outputs Headphone: Standard stereo phone jack (x 2)
AUX OUT: [L/L+R] [R] (Standard stereo phone jack)
Key Action Specialized Upright Piano Action for NU1X
Layer Feature No
Metronome Yes
Pedals GP Responsive Damper Pedals (3)
Product Weight 240 lbs 11 oz
Song Recorder Audio & MIDI
Number of Songs 250
Number of Sounds 28
Speaker Power (45 W + 45 W) x 2
Speaker Size (6 5/16″ + 1″) x 2
Split Feature No
Storage Type USB Flash Drive
Number of Tracks 1
Transpose Feature Yes
Voices of Polyphony 256
Width 59 1/8″
Depth 18 3/16″
Height 40 5/16″