Yamaha S5X Grand Piano – New 6’7″

Yamaha S5x Grand Piano Specs

Depth 6’7″

Width 59″

Height 40″

Weight 772 pounds

Made in Japan

On Display at Freehold Music Center – Pianos

Yamaha S5X Premium Grand Piano MSRP Prices
S5x PE Polished Ebony – Acoustic $91,799
S5xSH3 PE Polished Ebony – Acoustic $97,099
DS5XENPRO PE – Player Piano $141,799
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Yamaha S5x Grand Piano


Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.)

Yamaha S5X Grand Piano, Yamaha S5x Piano Price, Yamaha S5x Piano Dimensions Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) is the latest leap forward in the evolution of piano craftsmanship.

What is A.R.E.? It’s an original treatment process that we use to season the rims used in SX Series pianos. As well as reducing the moisture content in the wooden rims, A.R.E. induces chemical changes that occur when young wood is aged under optimal conditions.

This enables the rims to produce the warm and sweet tones of an instrument matured to perfection.

The benefits of A.R.E. have already been proven in Yamaha’s acclaimed flagship Artida YVN500S violin, L Series and A Series guitars.

Now, for the first time, A.R.E. comes to an acoustic piano. The seasoned rims of the SX Series give it a sound unlike that of any other piano. A deeply intuitive sound with sustained resonance and the precision to express even the most delicate pianissimo notes.



s5x rim For the inner and outer rims of the SX Series, Yamaha craftsmen carefully selected wood based on its acoustic characteristics.

During construction, they reduced the number of glue layers, using more than 30% thicker wooden materials than those of forerunner S Series pianos, to bring out the inherent resonance of that wood.

This approach has shaped the acoustic character of the SX Series, adding richness, clarity, and muscle to the bass and mid-range, while maintaining a warm and inviting overall tone.





Yamaha S5x New hammer felt expands the range of tonal color


Yamaha S5X Grand Piano, Yamaha S5x Piano Price, Yamaha S5x Piano Dimensions In order to realize the ideal sound, one of the most important factors is that the hammers must complement the piano body.

The SX Series employs exclusive hammer felt made with a newly developed formula.

Yamaha tested countless prototypes in the quest to find the perfect match for this piano.

The superb elasticity of this hammer felt allows the player to achieve clear and beautiful tonal colors, along with well-balanced density across the full range from bass to treble.

As a player, you’ll relish the artistic freedom and expressive nuance offered by the SX Series.




The huge forces exerted by a powerful fortissimo passage can cause a back frame to bend slightly and lose energy.

To withstand such forces and efficiently turn them into richly resonant reverberations, a piano must have a strong back frame.

Compared to the forerunner S Series pianos, the back frame beams on the SX Series are around 20% thicker.

The extra support they provide results in a more rigid body and less unwanted vibration. The SX Series is built from the bottom up to provide a solid and stable foundation that supports authentic musicality.






Yamaha S5X Grand Piano, Yamaha S5x Piano Price, Yamaha S5x Piano Dimensions Like a violin, a piano is a symphony of subtle curves. But the curve that arguably matters most in a piano is one you don’t often see—the convex section of the soundboard known as the crown.

The crown’s job is to efficiently transmit the vibrations of the strings from the soundboard into the surrounding air.

Yamaha piano engineers call on generations of know-how and craftsman’s skill to construct soundboards that vibrate easily and achieve powerful projection.

In creating the SX Series, Yamaha borrowed techniques used in the flagship CFX for attaching the soundboard, ribs, and bridge.

The resulting soundboard assembly is carefully integrated into the piano body, where it delivers outstanding projection throughout any concert venue.

Made from specially selected strong European spruce, the SX Series soundboard is built to withstand stress and retain its shape.

Throughout its playing life, it promises to deliver rich overtones, low decay, and a wide range of expressive tonal colors.


Yamaha S5X Grand Piano, Yamaha S5x Piano Price, Yamaha S5x Piano Dimensions Hand-winding piano strings is an extremely demanding task that can only be performed by seasoned experts.

As they wind pure copper around the core steel string, Yamaha craftsmen must delicately adjust the balance and tension of the strings.

These hand-winding piano strings are pliable and they bring overtones in better harmony with fundamental frequencies.

What this means to your ears is a beautifully resonant sound with satisfying overtones.





Yamaha S5X Grand Piano, Yamaha S5x Piano Price, Yamaha S5x Piano Dimensions The clean, modern design and graceful curves of the SX Series are the physical counterpart to its elegant and expressive sound.

Taking the best from the forerunner S Series and augmenting it with practical innovations, the SX Series takes its place on the stage as a thoroughly contemporary piano.