Yamaha P22 D – 45 inch Upright Piano – New

The Yamaha P22d is the perfect 45 inch upright piano.

Used widely in houses of worship, schools and homes.

Height: 45 3/4  inches

Depth: 24 inches

Width: 59 1/2 inches

Weight: 518 pounds 
Comes with matching bench and 10 Year Yamaha warranty


Yamaha P22D MSRP Prices
P22D SE Satin Ebony $8,599
P22D DO Dark Oak $8,999
P22D SW Satin Walnut $8,999
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3 finish options to choose from 

Yamaha P22 D – A Redesigned Classic


Yamaha has been producing the P22 in various forms for over 4 decades.  The new P22 D features a new music desk, a streamlined design, new hand would bass strings and a soft fall fallboard!

If you are looking for a piano to complement your studio, house of worship, school or home the Yamaha P22 D is the perfect solution.

This beautiful acoustic upright piano is available in a choice of 3 different satin finishes and every piano comes with a matching bench.

Soft Fall Fallboard – New for The P22!

Yamaha P22 D Soft fall Fallboard
soft close piano key fallboard to protect your fingers!


The Yamaha P22 D is the first piano from Yamaha to feature a soft fall fallboard.

This Yankee Style fallboard tucks into the piano when closed and has a controlled rate of speed when it is closing to ensure no crushed fingers!

Added to complement this instrument as the Yamaha school piano of choice by music teachers.







5 large back posts for a solid foundation

Yamaha P22D Back Post


The P22 D is the first piano from Yamaha to feature a wider and thicker back post.

The back post is part of the pianos foundation and helps keep a piano in tune and adds resonance.

This larger back post is featured on the Yamaha P22 D and every model above!

Also note the sound board with the notched ribs.  This is the “speaker” of the piano and is what amplifies the sound when one strikes a key.





A New Music Rack!

yamaha p22 music rackOne of the many reasons the P22 is loved by Chorus directors and musicians alike is that it has a large music rack and you can see above the piano while playing to direct or interact with other musicians and students.

Designed to complement the wide use of this beloved Yamaha church piano.

Yamaha has redesigned the P22’s music rack to span the entire length of the piano and can hold multiple pages of music at once!

This music rack is great for making notes on your sheet music.

The top lid does not extrude over the top of the piano, allowing sheet music and music books to go beyond the height and not push the music forward like other pianos.




Under Felted Hammer – The P Special!


p22 hammer the p specialThe P22 is the First acoustic upright from Yamaha that has an under felted hammer.

The orange felt between the wooden core and the white speaking felt gives the instrument a deeper sound and helps maintain the tone as the hammer ages.

This is a feature that is common on better pianos.






A Piano made to Roll!

yamaha p22 caster wheel The p22 features 4 double vinyl wheel caster!  This makes moving the piano a breeze.

The P22 also features a piano toe block base to give the instrument better stability and a traditional look.

The P22 is the only upright piano that offers this non marking wheel.

Commonly Referred to as the Yamaha Church piano!







Link to Yamaha 10 Year Acoustic Piano Warranty 

Yamaha P22D Video