Below is a list of the prices for piano tuning and repair services:

Piano Tuning: $131.30 ($140.00 with sales tax)

Pitch Raise Tuning: $201.64 ($215.00 with sales tax)

Piano Cleaning: $160.00+ ($171.20 with tax)
Prices for cleaning starts at $160. The tuner will quote you an approximate price before starting the job.

Evaluation and Tuning: $201.64 ($215.00)

String Replacement: Starting at $30.00 ($31.20)
Cost of string separate.

Buffing: Starting at $150.00 ($160.50)
Prices for buffing start at $150. High gloss pianos only.

Chip Repair: $150.00 ($160.50)
The technician will give an approximate quote before starting the job.

Damp Chase Maintenance: If done at time of service $65, If done on separate service call $120. Includes Pads.