Yamaha Disklavier Player Pianos

Yamaha Disklavier – Introducing The Enspire!

Would you like to enjoy live piano performances from the privacy of your own home.  No one plays, no problem.  The Yamaha Disklavier is a player piano with todays technology.  This instrument takes the joy of owning a piano to new heights; record precious memories,  learn to play the piano and entertain friends and family. Introducing the top of the line modern day player piano the Yamaha Disklavier.  First and foremost this instrument is a genuine Yamaha acoustic piano.  Then 88 high performance solenoids are added to the keyboard along with individual fiber optic sensors, lasers, a state of the art computing system and a Servo drive system for the pedals and keys.

A Multi Media Experience

  • Stream music from the internet to your piano with Yamaha’s Disklavier Radio network, a 30+ wifi station network that will always be playing your favorite tunes.
  • Control the piano from your smart phone or tablet device.
  • Comes with over 500 songs for your listening pleasure.
  • 2 usb ports for flash or hard drives to play midi and .Wav files
  • Download your favorite music right to you piano from Pianosoft.
  • Connects to your home stereo and wifi network
  • View videos that sync with your disklavier via iPad’s or Apple TV

Record your performance and more!

  • The Yamaha Disklavier is a reproducing piano that will record and play back whatever you play
  • Record to internal memory or to a usb thumb drive
  • Use your piano as a midi controller
  • Connect your Disklavier to your computer
  • Play with headphones (DGC1E3S and above)
  • Watch concerts live via Disklavier TV

Come in today and hear the difference

Before you commit to a player piano you owe it to yourself to hear the difference between a Piano Disc, QRS or a Disklavier.  We have all three in the showroom and after you hear and see the difference you agree on why we choose the Disklavier.  Yamaha has been revolutionizing the player piano since it introduced the first Disklavier in 1987.  Each Disklavier player piano is constructed while the piano is being built by dedicated factory technicians.