Yamaha YUS5 Acoustic Upright Polished Ebony

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright design that delivers expressive control, superb sound and natural touch through Yamaha’s own Ivorite keyboard.

The Yamaha YUS5 is the first upright piano with a sostenuto. Only Thirty Technicians are allowed to work on this piano during construction.For any questions about the YUS5 piano Please call or e-mail us!
(732) 462-4730
*Full Length ribs into a notched liner
*Solid spruce soundboard and ribs
*YUS Series hammer with Walnut Core – Hand Shaped
*Sostenuto pedal and mute lever
*Solid cooper wound bass strings
*Hard Maple Bridges
*Aluminum alloy action rails
*Yamaha balanced action
*Spruce Keys with Hardwood buttons
*Grand Piano Key Travel
*Cut thread tuning pins
*Yamaha designed hammers with T-Fastners
*Mute Pedal
*Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
*Seasoned for Destination
*Comes with matching bench
*Polyester finish
*Resin sheet foundation


Sound Board Dimension 2369 Square inches of solid spruce
Speaking Length of #1Bass Strings 47.5″
Caster Double Caster
Key Surfaces Ivorite / Wood Process Composite
Pedal Soft,Sostenuto,Sustain
Hand activated Mute Yes under keybed bass side
Frame V-Pro Plate
Back Post 5 total – Solid Spruce
Cabinet Finishes Polished Ebony
Lid Lock Yes
Soft Close Fallboard Yes
Width 60″
Height 52″
Depth 26″
Weight 530 lbs.

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