Yamaha U1 48″ Upright Piano


Yamaha U1 48″ Upright Piano

Height 48″

Depth 24″

Width 60″

Weight 502 Pounds

Made in Japan

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Product Description

Advanced Scale Design

Refinements in all elements of sound production have given today’s U series a richer , more resonant voice with evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard.

Soundboard and Frame

Special rib configurations add strength to the soundboard, while back post and other advances further enhance rigidity, resonance and structural stability.

Redesigned Hammers

U Series hammers use materials specifically selected for each model to provide optimum tone production, response and long-term durability.

Soft-Close Fallboard

A damping mechanism, formerly used only in grand pianos, prevents the fallboard from dropping abruptly onto the keyboard, guarding against accidental injury or damage.


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Sound Board Dimension 2137 Square inches of solid spruce
Speaking Length of #1Bass Strings 46.8″
Caster Single Caster
Hammer Weight 22 Pounds
Pedal Soft,Muffler,Sustain
Frame V-Pro Plate
Back Post 5 total
Cabinet Finishes Polished Ebony, Polished White, Satin American Walnut, Polished Mahogany, Satin Ebony
Lid Lock Yes
Soft Close Fallboard Yes
Width 60″
Height 48″
Depth 24″
Weight 502 lbs.