Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano


  • A GrandTouch-S™ keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops with escapement
  • 10 Different Instrument Voices Inside
  • 20 W x 2 amplifiers with a 12 cm x 2 speaker system
  • USB B for connecting to computer / tablet
  • Built in  Metronome
  • 2 head phone inputs

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Yamaha CLP-725 Clavinova Digital Piano


Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano

A Piano plus so much more…

The Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano is the first model in the CLP Clavinova Series.  This instrument is first and foremost a dedicated piano.


The Piano Action

Yamaha GrandTouch-S Digital Piano Action

Eighty Eight individually weighted and graded keys with the New Yamaha GrandTouch – S Digital Piano Action gives the piano player a seamless playing experience.  Synthetic key tops are on every Natural and Sharp key to give a concert quality tactile feel to the pianos action.

Towards the end of the keystroke you will feel the key “Let off” or the Escapement.   This is done to mimic an acoustic piano action when the hammer is released from the players control before it strikes the string to prevent damage to the hammer shaft.

Grand Expression Modeling – New

Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano

When a piano player talks about the touch of a piano they are not referring to the weight or the feel specifically.  The Touch is the control the player has of the dynamics of the instrument while they are performing.

On an Acoustic piano If you press the keys down fast with force the strings should ring with a brilliance and a powerful attack.  Whereas a slow and soft strike will produce a quiet tone that is mellow with warmth.  Yamaha has used their years of experience in acoustic pianos to bring this expanded feature to the CLP Digital Piano.

The Sound

Binaural Piano Samples – A Head Phone Experience


Yamaha CLP-725 Digital PianoThe Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano features a Binaural piano samples of the Yamaha CFX 9′ Concert Grand Piano   This amazing piano sample is automatically activated when a pair of head phones are plugged into the Clavinova.

This Technology is achieved by Sampling the piano with the microphones placed in correlation to the ears of a human being.  When the Piano player has the headphones on they feel as if they are siting in front of a 9 foot concert grand.


          10 Different On Board Instruments to Choose From


The Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano has 10 different instruments on board to give you more than just a piano. 

  1. Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano – Binaural Sample when Headphones plugged in
  2. Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano
  3. Pop Grand
  4. Yamaha DX Electric Piano
  5. Stage Electric Piano
  6. Harpsichord
  7. Vibraphone
  8. Pipe Organ
  9. Jazz Organ
  10. Strings

Change the Reverb – 4 Settings to choose from – and you can raise or lower the depth the Reverb

  • Recital Hall
  • Concert Hall
  • Chamber
  • Club
  • Off

Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano

Break the Piano Up and Add to It!

Dual Mode Split Mode Duo Mode
What Does
It Do?
Allows you to play 2 instruments
at the same time to create rich layers
Perfect for Pianos and Strings!
Allows you to play 2 different
instruments at the same time.
one instrument on the left &
one on the right.
Turns the piano into 2
44 note keyboard spanning the
same Octave Range.  Great for Lessons
or Duets.
The pedals work the same for both
instruments being played.
The Pedals operate the
Right Hand instrument.
Left and Right Pedals become the
corresponding Damper Pedals.
Can also be used in Split mode.
Can change volume of 2 voices
being layered.
You can also use the Dual mode
to play 2 instruments at once on
the right had instrument.
You also change the Split point
on the Keyboard.
The Center Pedal becomes the Damper
Pedal for both the Left and Right Hand
Keyboard at the same time.


Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano

A grand piano is a living, breathing instrument due to sympathetic resonance.  When you strike a key you feel the vibration as it moves through the body of the piano.  Resonance is created along the Dampers, Strings, The Duplex scaling and the cabinet/ body of the instrument.

This is what gives a grand piano the celebrated nuances and the emotional depth of sound.  The Clavinova has recreated this experience by using speakers and the inside cabinet of the CLP.

This feature can be turned on or off on the Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano


Built in Metronome – Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano


Automatically set at 4/4 at 120 BPM.  You can Manually adjust the Beat, Tempo and Volume of the metronome function through your Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano.


Yamaha CLP-725 Digital Piano

Built in Practice Aids

Enjoy being able to play along with or listen to some of pianos most time honored learning methods, Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller.

You can use these built-in songs for practicing with your right and left hands separately, or simply enjoy listening to them.  Also enjoy learning with the built in 50 Classic Songs that come with an Accompanying Song Book.

Yamaha CLP-725 Input and Out Put Connections

Out Puts USB B Head phone Jack x 2
Functions for sending and receiving Midi data
through a USB B Chord to a computer or Midi Keyboard Can also use with an adapter for an IPad or Tablet
2 1/4 inch stereo headphone jacks


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Yamaha CLP-725

Yamaha CLP-700 Series Over View

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