Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano


  • Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples – New samples from New Technology
  • A GrandTouch keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops with escapement
  • 3 way 300 Watt sound system
  • Expanded Midi sounds and Engine
  • Upgraded Bench

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Yamaha CLP-795 GP

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

 A Piano plus so much more…

The Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano is the Flag Ship Model in the CLP Clavinova Series.  This instrument is first and foremost a dedicated piano.

GrandTouch-S Wooden Key Digital Piano Action

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

Eighty Eight individually weighted and graded keys with the New Yamaha GrandTouch – S Digital Piano Action gives the piano player a seamless playing experience.  Synthetic key tops are on every Natural and Sharp key to give a concert quality tactile feel to the pianos action.  The Artist can feel the music with the addition of the solid wood key shank as it reverberates like a real piano key!

Towards the end of the keystroke you will feel the key “Let off” or the Escapement.   This is done to mimic an acoustic piano action when the hammer is released from the players control before it strikes the string to prevent damage to the piano action mechanism.

Leverage your Playing

Ease of Playing according to the distance to the Fulcrum

In order to reproduce the touch of a Grand Piano, the Yamaha Grandtouch action on the CLP-785 features the same back key support length as a Yamaha S3x 6’1″ Premium grand pianos action.  This added back key length allows the player to have more control of the keys when playing closer to the pianos fallboard or deeper into the keys.

The added Fulcrum allows the musician more leverage for greater control and ultimately greater musical expression while playing the CLP-795 GP.   This is a major advancement in digital piano action and is the longest support length found on any Yamaha digital piano to date.

Full Key Board Linear Graded Hammers and Key Counterweights

Yamaha CLP-785 Piano Action
On the Left Notice how each piano hammer gradually gets smaller as you look from right to left. On the Right The Key Counter weight on a traditional grand piano action is moved to the front of the key for added key control

The CLP-795 is the first digital piano to feature 88 individually weighted keys.  Each note on the keyboard is weighted specifically for that key in its relation to the keyboard.  The Bass is heavier to the left and the treble notes are lighter to the right.

Counterweights have been implanted into to each individual note to give precise control while playing soft and quiet passages of music, to balance the weight of teach hammer  & to offer a better key return while playing faster.

The GP Response Sustain or Damper Pedal

On and Acoustic Grand Piano the Damper is not either on or off.  The “Pedaling” is a huge part of the piano experience and it allows the musician to make minute adjustments to the pianos dampers which results in controlled nuances to the pianos tonal depth and sound.

The weight of the pedal is set to mimic an acoustic grand piano damper pedal and system, which is controlled by levers and springs.  The pedal is lighter to the touch as it is depressed and gradually gets heavier as it is pressed down further and the “digital dampers” are risen.  The dampers response goes from light and controlled to fully risen as the pedal is pressed further along.

New Stealth User Interface

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

The Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano now features a pressure controlled touch panel user interface.  This sleek screen when powered off becomes a “stealth” check block like a traditional acoustic panel to make this truly digital instrument appear more like a timeless acoustic piano.


Grand Expression Modeling – New

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

When a piano player talks about the touch of a piano they are not referring to the weight or the feel specifically.  The Touch is the control the player has of the dynamics of the instrument while they are performing.

On an Acoustic piano If you press the keys down fast with force the strings should ring with a brilliance and a powerful attack.  Whereas a slow and soft strike will produce a quiet tone that is mellow with warmth.  Yamaha has used their years of experience in acoustic pianos to bring this expanded feature to the CLP Digital Piano.


Binaural Piano Samples – A Head Phone Experience

The CLP-700 series features two Binaural piano samples of the Yamaha CFX 9′ Concert Grand Piano and the timeless Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano.  These 2 new and amazing piano samples are automatically activated when a pair of head phones are plugged into the Clavinova.

This Technology is achieved by Sampling the piano with the microphones placed in correlation to the ears of a human being.  When the Piano player has the headphones on they feel as if they are siting in front of a 9 foot concert grand.


            53 Different On Board Instruments to Choose From

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

The Yamaha CLP-795 GP has 53 different instruments on board to give you more than just a piano.  Offering Multiple Piano Sounds, Electric Piano Sounds, Organs, Bass and even Guitar sounds you can find that perfect sound for the music you are creating.  Click on the 53 built in Instruments Tab at the top for a complete listing with a description of each instrument.  

The new CLP Clavinova digital piano also features a new Forte Piano sound bank that has 4 newly sampled time period specific classical grand pianos.  You can now play a Prelude by Chopin or a Sonata by Beethoven and have a historically accurate piano sound!

Customize your Sound 

With the CLP you can come in and customize the sound and settings of the instruemt by adjusting the Brilliance, 6 different Reverb’s, 3 different Chorus options, 12 different on board effects, and even the EQ.  If you want to transpose to play in a different key or change the tuning of the piano the Clavinova has you covered.  This is truly a World Class Piano and So Much More.

Aux Pedal 

The CLP-785 and CLP-795 feature an Aux Pedal input.  This allows you to use a Yamaha FC7 Foot Control as a Volume Pedal for the different Organ and other Instrument Sounds.  One can also use the Yamaha FC4A/FC5 foot switch to turn  switch various selected functions on/off. To select the function that will be controlled use the “Aux Assign” in the “System” menu display.

480 Midi XG Voices and 14 Drum/SFX Kits

The CLP-785 and CLP-795 GP are the only 2 instruments in the CLP 700 series to feature a built in MIDI engine for Full Midi file playback and u can access the expanded sound library for hundreds of different instruments to play with in addition to the dedicated 53 built in instruments.

Break the Piano Up and Add to It!

In Addition to playing the Yamaha CLP like a traditional piano you can also break up the keyboard two different ways or Layer 2 Sounds at once!

Dual Mode Split Mode Duo Mode
What Does
It Do?
Allows you to play 2 instruments
at the same time to create rich layers
Perfect for Pianos and Strings!
Allows you to play 2 different
instruments at the same time.
one instrument on the left &
one on the right.
Turns the piano into 2
44 note keyboard spanning the
same Octave Range.  Great for Lessons
or Duets.
The pedals work the same for both
instruments being played.
The Pedals operate the
Right Hand instrument.
Left and Right Pedals become the
corresponding Damper Pedals.
Can also be used in Split mode.
Can change volume of 2 voices
being layered.
You can also use the Dual mode
to play 2 instruments at once on
the right had instrument.
You also change the Split point
on the Keyboard.
The Center Pedal becomes the Damper
Pedal for both the Left and Right Hand
Keyboard at the same time.


Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano

A grand piano is a living, breathing instrument due to sympathetic resonance.  When you strike a key you feel the vibration as it moves through the body of the piano.  Resonance is created along the Dampers, Strings, The Duplex scaling and the cabinet/ body of the instrument.

This is what gives a grand piano the celebrated nuances and the emotional depth of sound.  The Clavinova has recreated this experience by using speakers and the inside cabinet of the Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano.


Grand Acoustic Imaging

When you play an acoustic piano you are engulfed in the sound it is producing because the entire instrument is reverberating.  In order to reproduce this memorizing effect the Yamaha CLP-795 has the 3 way speaker system arranged in such a way that the musician at the front of the piano experiences the sound as if they are in front of a real acoustic instrument.

This has been achieved by placing the Low, Mid and High Speakers in such a way so it sounds like the tone is being produced at the proper location of a grand piano.  This is taking Stereo sound to a whole new level!

The added transducer gives the echo and reverberation that a piano sound board produces to give the digital sound the nuances of a real acoustic piano.

A Grand Sound System w/ a Spruce Soul

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital PianoThe Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano has a killer sound system.  Six Individual 50 Watt Power Amplifies are engineered to push a Three Way crossover Speaker System with an Added Transducer system.  The Cone speakers are manufactured from Spruce Saw Dust that is Recycled from Yamaha’s Piano Part Mill.  The Spruce speaker cone gives an amazing sound far superior to that of a traditional Paper Speaker Cone.    

The Hi-Fi sound is pushed with the dual 2.5 cm Dome speakers with the Mid sound level being balanced out by a pair of 8 cm speakers and the Low end being produced by dual 16 cm speakers and the Duo transducer system. 

This World Class Sound System is great for playing your piano and you can also stream music to your CLP-795 GP and use it as a stereo! 

Built in Rhythms and Metronome

20 Different Rhythms featuring Drum and Bass in the style of Rock/Pop, Jazz, Latin and Holiday and Kids.  You can Adjust the tempo and make some sweet sweet music.  You can view a list of the 20 Rhythms on the 53 Built in Instrument & 20 Rhythms Tab.

The Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano has a fully functional metronome with 13 different Time Signatures and a optional Bell sound on beat 1.

Note Type Time Signature Setting Range
Half Note 2/2 3 – 250
Quarter Note 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4,6/4, 7/4 5 – 500
Dotted Quarter Note 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 4 – 332 (even numbers only)
Eighth Note 3/8, 7/8 10 – 998 (even numbers only)
and 999

Multi Track Recording

Enjoy Multi Track Recording with a built in 16 Multi Track Recording.  Recorded Multi Tracks is saved in the Midi format and can be exported to a Midi program or converted to a .wav format.  This allows you to record multiple instrument parts on the CLP!

Connect wirelessly for Bluetooth®

The CLP-795 GP Digital Piano has built in Bluetooth for Audio and Midi Data.

With the Bluetooth Audio you can stream music and audio from another device that has Bluetooth.  You can enjoy playing along with your favorite tune or using you Clavinova’s spectacular sound system as a stereo.  The CLP also has a mini stereo aux in jack.

Bluetooth Midi allows your Clavinova to talk to a number of Apps with out a chord!  You can use the Yamaha Smart Pianist App, Flowkey, Garage band and more!

USB Audio Recorder

Records a Single performance right onto a USB Flash Drive in the .Wav format.

Built in Practice Aids

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital PianoEnjoy being able to play along with or listening to some of pianos most time honored learning methods, Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller. You can use these built-in songs for practicing with your right and left hands separately, or simply enjoy listening to them.  Also enjoy learning with the built in 50 Classic Songs that come with an Accompanying Song Book.

Input and Out Put Connections

You can connect your Clavinova to a number of different devices, instruments and sound systems.

In addition to Two 1/4″ stereo input Head Phone Jacks you can also Connect your CLP-795 GP Clavinova to these Terminals

Terminals Under The Keybed USB to Device USB to Host Midi IN/Out/Through Aux Pedal Aux In Stereo Aux Out
Functions For Flash drive or
USB Wlan Adapter.
Can be used to send & receive data
Usb B Cable.
To send digital
audio data to
computer / smart phone
for linking sending
and recieving data
through midi chords
to connect Yamaha
FC7 foot controller
and FC4a/FC5
foot switch
1/8″ mini stereo input
for computers, laptops,keyboards& More
AUX OUT [L/L+R] [R] jacks
1/4″ instrument cable inputs
for hooking up to external
speakers and PA Systems

Click Here for Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano Owners Manual 

Yamaha CLP-795GP Digital Piano Midi Reference Guide

Link for Smart Device Connection Manual 

Computer Related Options Guide

Freehold Music Home Page 

Piano CFX Grand Yamaha CFX Concert Grand w/ a wide Dynamic Range
Bösendorfer The sound of Vienna – An Imperial Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano
Upright Piano Sampled from a YUS7 a $40,000 Upright Piano
Bright Grand Bright Clear Crisp Piano Sound – Great for Ensembles
Mellow Grand Mellow Piano Sound – Quiet, slow and thoughtful piano sound
Warm Grand Warm & Soft Piano Sound – Uplifting & Relaxing Tone
Pop Grand Slightly Brighter and Crisp Sound – Great 80-90’s piano sound
Jazz Grand Unique tonal character great for Jazz Voicing’s
Rock Grand Bright Sounding Rock Piano – Queen Sound
HonkyTonk Pf Honkytonk Sound like the Wild West / Jopolin
Studio Grand A beautifully Sampled Yamaha C7
Ballad Grand 1980’s Inspritional Piano Sound
Forte Piano Mozart Piano A late 18th Century Piano made in Vienna – Mozart and Beethoven Played this brand
Chopin Piano An early 19th Century French Piano  – Beloved by Chopin
Scarlatti Piano Early 18th Century Piano made in Florence, Italy.  
Beethoven Piano A early 19th Century piano made in London, UK
Stage E. Piano Rhodes Type Tine Piano – soft to hard attack depending on key stroke – our favorite!
DX E. Piano Yamaha 80’s world famous sound tone changes with your touch
Vintage EP Reed Electric piano Sound – Think Ray Charles and they Wurly sound
Soft EP A Rhodes Sound with a soft ballad effect
Phaser EP Electric Piano with a Phaser effect pedal – Great Fusion making Sound
DX Bright
E Piano
When you need that classic Yamaha Electric piano sound but brighter and more uplifting  
Tremolo Vintage When you want that Rhodes Sound with the Built in Tremolo – Great Rock N Roll EP!
Organ Organ Principa Baroque church music pipe organ –  8″ + 4″ = 2″ pipes
Organ Tutti Full Pipe Organ giving a Bach like sound
Jazz Organ Slow Your Favorite Tube Organ Sound W/ the Lowery on Slow – Gospel / Jazz / & More
Jazz Organ Fast Tube Rotary Organ Sound w/ the Tone Wheel set on Fast!  
Switch between the 2 while jamming out!
Mellow Organ A mellow electric organ sound. Left Pedal Controls the Rotary Speed (High / Low)
Organ GrandJeu Famous French Organ Registration – Big Ending Sound
Organ Flute 1 A pipe organ using the wood wind/ flute type stops for solos
Organ Flute 2 Higher pitch organ flute than Organ Flute 1
Strings Strings Large Scale String Ensemble – Great for Layering w/ piano sounds
Slow Strings Sting ensemble with slow attack – think ballad sound layered w/ piano
Choir Large Airy Choir voice – played by self or layer sounds – perfect for slow pieces
Synth Pad mellow and warm airy synth sound – great layered or as a backing sound
Slow Choir a Choir with a slow attack – great layered sound or on duo mode
Mellow Strings A mellow string ensemble. Enjoy a tonal character that is different from a Strings.
Dark Pad Warm and spacious synth sound. Ideal for dual mode with the EP sounds
Lite Pad Bright and spacious synth sound
Bell Pad Synth sound with a Crisp Bell sound
Bass Acoustic Bass Finger Plucked Upright Acoustic Bass – Great for Split Keyboard mode
Bass & Cymbal Acoustic Bass plus a Cymbal – Walking Bass line material right here
Electric Bass The sound of an electric  P Bass for rock, jazz and more
Fretless Bass Electric Fret Less Jazz Fusion Bass Sound
Vintage Bass A different type of electric bass with a rich sound.
Others Harpsichord 8′ A Baroque Instrument with quills plucking the string – touch does not affect volume
Harpsi. 8’+4′ A harpsichord with an added upper octave. Produces a more brilliant sound.
Vibraphone A Vibraphone sound, sampled in stereo. Left Pedal turns Vibrato on and off
Nylon Guitar Traditional Nylon or Classical Guitar – Nylon Strings for clear tone
Harp A Grand Concert Harp – great for intimate passages
Marimba The Beautiful tone of a Marimba with out the price
Celesta Think Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies – metalic acoustic keyboard instrument
Steel Guitar Bright Steel guitar or Folk Guitar – steel strings for more twang  
Scat A touch senestive Jazz Scat Jam at your fingertips

20 Built in Rhythms

Category No. Name
Pop & Rock 1 8 beat
2 16 beat
3 Shuffle 1
4 Shuffle 2
5 Shuffle 3
6 Gospel
7 8 Beat Ballad
8 6-8 Slow Rock
Jazz 9 Fast Jazz
10 Slow Jazz
11 Swing
12 Jazz Waltz
Latin 13 Samba
14 BossaNova
15 Rumba
16 Salsa
Kids &
17 Kids Pop
18 6-8 March
19 Christmas
20 Christmas 3-4
Size / Weight
Dimensions Width 56.5″
Height 36.9″
Depth 48.5″
Weight Weight 277 Lb
Control Interface
Keyboard Number of
Type GrandTouch Keyboard: wooden keys (white only)
synthetic ebony & ivory keytops, escapement
88-key Linear
Graded Hammers
Counterweight Yes
Pedal Number of
3 Damper (with half pedal function), Sostenuto, Soft
Functions Sustain (Switch), Sustain Continuously,
Sostenuto, Soft, Pitch Bend Up, Pitch Bend Down,
Rotary Speed, Vibe Rotor, Song Play/Pause  
GP Response
Damper Pedal
Display Type Full DOTS LCD
Size 128 x 64 dots
Language English / Japanese
Panel Type Touch Sensors
Language English
Key Cover Key cover
Music Rest Yes
Piano Sound Yamaha CFX, Bosendorfer Imperial
Yes (Yamaha CFX & Bosendorfer only)
Polyphony Number of
Preset Number of
53 voices + 14 Drums/SFX Kits +480 XG Voices
Compatibility XG (GM), GS (for Song playback),
GM2 (for Song playback)
Types Reverb 6
Chorus 3
Brilliance 7 + User
Master Effect 12
Control (IAC)
Functions Dual/Layers Yes
Split Yes
Duo Yes
Preset Number of
Preset Songs
25 voice demo songs + 50 Classic
+ 303 Lesson songs
Number of
Number of
Data Capacity approx. 500 KB/Song
Data Format
Playback SMF (Format 0, Format 1)
Recording SMF (Format 0)
Piano Room Yes
USB Audio
Playback .wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit
resolution, stereo)
Recording .wav (44.1 kHz sample rat, 16-bit
resolution, stereo)
Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 500
Transpose -12 – 0 -+12
Tuning 414.8 – 444.0 – 466.8Hz (approx. 0.2Hz increments)
Scale Type 7 types
Rhythm 20
Blue Tooth Audio / Midi
Storage and Connectivity
Storage Internal
Total maximum size approx. 1.4MB
USB flash drive
Connectivity Headphones Standard stereo phone jack (x2)
Midi [IN] [OUT] [THRU]
AUX IN Stereo Mini
AUX Pedal
USB TO Host Yes
Bluetooth Audio and Midi – no Bluetooth headphones
Amplifiers and Speakers
Amplifiers (50 W + 50 W + 50 W) X 2
Speakers (16 cm + 8 cm + 2.5 cm(dome) + transducer) X 2
Spruce Cone Speaker
Power Supply
Power Consumption 60 W (When Using PA-500C AC adaptor)
Auto Power Off Yes
Power Supply Adapters PA-500
Accessories Owners Manual, “50 Classical Music Masterpieces”
Music Book, Online Member Product Registration,
Warranty, Bench and Power Chord

CLP-700 Series Overview

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